1: Soldat blanc tv movie

Modeling, Shading, lighting & rendering of the boat.


2: Personal project

Realization of the entire animation.


3: Nuisible ("Pest"), a short film by Tom Haugomat & Bruno Mangyoku

Modeling of some of the sets and props.

Shading, lighting, rendering & compositing of the entire 3D part of the short film.


4: Walibi short film

Modeling props and set pieces: musical instruments except drums, vintage microphone, colorful speakers, metro.

Shading props and set pieces: All musical instruments, vintage microphone, colorful speakers, metro.


5: Kaeloo 52x7' tv series

Shading a very large portion of props and variations of character in the series.


6: Decors games PC & Iphone

Modeling, shading, lighting, rendering & compositing of all sets.